Hawaii - Turtle Bay - Forgetting Sarah Marshall


May 27th, 2008: Today I landed in Oahu where I was taken to Turtle Bay resort to interview the cast of the Judd Apatow produced comedy "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." The moment we checked in, a bunch of journalists and I hit the beach immediately.

There, a real-life canine came lumbering towards us - and he was HUGE!!!!

His name was Buddy and he was 150 lb. Newfoundlander who works as a rescue dog. He was such a rock star, we had to pose for pictures!

Every day, Buddy and his owner, Larry Bigelow, go to this very beach and practice Buddy's towing.

Not wanted to pass up any adventure, we decided to have Buddy practice on us and took turns getting towed.  The below is the shot AFTER I got towed. 

....while Buddy shakes himself off.

We learned a lot about Buddy that day. We learned that one time he towed in four giant Samoans all holding on to one boogie board. We learned that Buddy's coat is waterproof. When he comes out of the water, if you look where his hair meets his skin, it's completely dry. It repels water. And the part that gets wet gets kinky when it dries, giving him a rastafarian look. His hair keeps him cool in the summer and warm during the winter, although in Hawaii that is never a problem.

May 28th, 2008: This morning we went on a helicopter ride. We went in four at a time and had a camera man inside with us, shooting footage along the way. Here's our group shot. Our pilot, Josh, is to the very right of the plane. I'm holding his dog, Ziggy, who acts as his co-pilot. You've never seen a dog more excited to get in a helicopter. She lives for these excursions!

Isn't Ziggy a cutie? She's a mutt. Originally Josh found her tied to a post and she was in bad shape. Josh rescued her and made her his co-pilot a few years back. We think she might be part Dachshund and part Papillon.

But I digress. It's time to go on the ride....

Check out the view. Turtle Bay resort is HUGE! We stayed in the main hotel part, which is the three towers. To the left, you can see the beach where I got "rescued" by Buddy the Newfoundlander the day before. Behind that beach - the U-shaped grey rooftops are actual homes that you can buy and live on the resort, with full resort amenities. Across the parking lot is the golf course. To the right of the three towers is a beach. You can't really see, but all alongside that beach are "casitas," where you can stay for a more private and/or romantic setting. If you see the movie, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," the characters spent a lot of time in the casitas. We did all our actor interviews on that side of the beach and it was really beautiful. That is the side of the beach is where you can see turtles just hanging out on the sand before going back in the water. If anyone watches the show "Lost," they shoot a lot of the jungle scenes in the green foliage to the left of the photograph. (The first photo, directly below.) You can see the dense green stuff along the sandy shore and it substitutes for those deep forest jungle scenes. I think it's hysterical because they're all supposedly stranded on this island but out of frame there is a beautiful golf course, a tasty resort restaurant and time share homes! You gotta love it! "Help, I'm lost! Someone's trying to kill me! Say, can someone order me a non-fat latte with some Splenda?"

The helicopter flew us up in to the mountains. There were really tall waterfalls there that consist of pure rainwater. It was such a beautiful sight to see!

The chopper made so much wind, my dress started to fly up!

After our cast interviews, there was a luau where we parties with the cast. Then we moved to the beach bar to continue our party. Once the beach bar closed down, everbody transferred themselves to the hotel bar, where the party kept going into the wee hours of the morning.