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Published articles, written by Zorianna Kit.

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Studio System News


Prolific television producer Chuck Lorre tells me about the success of Big Bang Theory,  the closing of Two and a Half Men and his Vanity Cards here.

Luc Besson and I talk about the brain, his new movie Lucy starring Scarlett Johnasson working with the late Paul Walker here.

I speak to filmmaker Matt Reeves about working in motion capture for the first time on his latest movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes here. 


Ben Falcone tells me about writing with and directing his wife, Melissa McCarthy, in the comedy film Tammy, here.

Author Tom Perrotta talk to me about his new HBO series The Leftovers here.

Comedienne Whitney Cummings and I discuss her new stand-up special on Comedy Central here.

I speak with filmmaker Tim Story about the four franchises he launched, plus his new television deal with HBO here.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Hossein Amini tells me about making his feaure directorial debut with The Two Faces of January here.

22 Jump Street filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller talk to me about the past, present and future of Jump Street here.

Filmmaker Dean DeBlois tell me about the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon 2 and his planned trilogy here.

L.A. Film Fest: Filmmaker Debra Granik talks to me about her follow up film to her Oscar nominated Winter's Bone, the documentary Stray Dog here.

Emmy Watch: Conan O'Brien and I talk about embracing social media for his TBS talk show, Conan here.

Emmy Watch: Kerry Washington tells me about shooting season three of Scandal while pregnant with her first child here.

Emmy Watch: Hugh Dancy and I discuss his role on Hannibal here.

Emmy Watch: Blair Breacher on the evolution of FX's Louie starring Louis C.K. here.

Emmy Watch: Beau Willimon on the unorthodox marriage of Frank and Claire Underwood on Netflix' House of Cards here.

Emmy Watch: Modern Family co-creator Chris Lloyd on the historic gay wedding here.

Emmy Watch: Alex Gansa on Homeland and how it saved his career here.

Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber tell me about about how they went about adapting the novel The Fault in Our Stars to the big screen here.

Neil Cross and I talk about casting John Malkovich as Blackbeard in the new NBC series Crossbones here.

Director Craig Gillespie tells me about working in India with Jon Hamm on their new sorts movie Million Dollar Arm here

Neighbors director Nicholas Stoller on the state of R-rated films and the pressure to compete overseas here.

West Memphis Three's Jason Baldwin tells me about his transformational experience working on the story of his trial in Atom Egoyan's The Devil's Knot starring Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth here.

Nigel Lythgoe and I cover a lot of ground: his new documentary Dancing In Jaffa, arts education, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol and why he wants to bring back the TV series Fame here:

Heaven is For Real director Randall Wallace discusses faith-based films and his friend Mel Gibson here.

Filmmaker Stephen Knight on Locke, set entirely in a car, told in real time and with only one actor, Tom Hardy, on screen the whole time here.

Billy Bob Thornton tells me about his new limited FX series Fargo the state of the movie business today and why he's invigorated like never before here.

Director Carlos Saldanha and I talk about his colorful, animated musical movie Rio 2 here.

Mike Judge and Alec Berg tell me all about their new HBO comedy series Silicon Valley here

Showrunner Craig Silverstein tells me about his new AMC series Turn, about the Culper Spy Ring, starring Jamie Bell, here.

Jonathan Glazer talks about a naked Scarlett Johansson, erect penises and aliens in his latest film, Under The Skin here.

Comedienne Amy Schumer and I talk about her potty mouth humor and her Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer here.

Actor Diego Luna tells me about going behind the camera to direct the Cesar Chavez biopic with Micheal Pena in the role of the civil rights leader here.

David Ayer and I chat about cops, Arnold Schwarzenegger and their new collaboration, Sabotage here.

Zorianna sits down with Wes Anderson to talk about The Grand Budapest Hotel here.

Director Noam Murro sat down with Zorianna to discuss the visual style of 300: Rise of the Empire here.

Zorianna and Rob Minkoff chat about his first forray into animation in 20 years with the big-screen adaptation of Mr. Peabody & Sherman here.

Read Zorianna's interview with the REAL Philomena Lee, whose life story is the basis of the Oscar nominated feature film Philomena here.

All you need to know about each of the Oscar nominated short film this year in the animation, live-action and documenatry categories here.

American Hustle writer/director David O. Russell and Eric Singer on their Oscar nominated screenplay here.

Showrunner Jason Katims on his new tv series About A Boy here.

American Hustle filmmaker David O. Russell on what he loves about the characters of  his Academy Award nominated film here.

The real story of love and loss that drove Akiva Goldsman to make A Winter's Tale starring Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe here. 

Planning on seeing the new RoboCop film? Read Zorianna's interview with its Brazilian filmmaker Jose Padilha here. 

Oscar winning producer Grant Helsov tells Zorianna how he and George Clooney brought The Monuments Men to the big screen here.

Peter Berg on adapting the screenplay and directing the war drama The Lone Survivor starring Mark Wahlberg here.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 came out on DVD in February. Read Zorianna's interview with the filmmakers here.

Illumination founder Chris Meledandri talks to Zorianna about the success of the Oscar nominated Despicable Me 2 here.

Read Zorianna's interview with Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit filmmaker and star Kenneth Branagh here.

Past Miss Golden Globes - where are they now? Read about some of them here.

The Wolf of Wall Street Emma Tillinger Koskoff on producing the film and working with Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese here.

Producer John Goldwyn on the family history behing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty here.

Two-time Academy Award nominee Lucy Walker on her last documentary, The Crash Reel, about snowboarder Kevin Pearce's life post-brain injury here.

Filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer on his unnerving documentary The Act of Killing where Indonesian death squad leaders reenact their killings here.

Screenwriter Billy Ray (The Hunger Games) on adapting Captain Phillips to the big screen here.

Boardwalk Empire creator and former The Sopranos executive producer Terence Winter on brining the gangster mentality to his adaptation of The Wolf of Wall Street here.

Belgian filmmaker Felix Van Groeningnen on his emotional connection to The Broken Circle Breakdown here.

Chilean filmmaker Sebastien Lelio's "radical insistent point of view" for his film Gloria here.

Thomas Vinterberg on why he had a moral obligation to direct the Danish film The Hunt starring Mads Mikkelsen here.

Wadjda director Haifaa Al-Mansour on being Saudi Arabia's first female filmmaker here.

Jared Leto on playing a transvestite with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club here.

Neal Dodson on producing J.C. Chandor's All Is Lost starring Robert Redford here.

Filmmakers Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco on their animated film The Croods here.

T-Bone Burnett on composing music for the Coen Brothers film Inside Llewyn Davis and why the Internet is the biggest con in the world here.

Frozen composers on writing songs for the movie.

Composer Diane Warren on writing songs for Jennifer Hudson and Celine Dion here.

Musical artist Pharrell Williams on composing music for Despicable Me 2 here.

Director Chris Buck on the animated musical Frozen here.

Director Dan Scanlon on the animated Monster's University here.

Actor Idris Elba on playing Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom here.

Actor Matthew McConaughey on Dallas Buyers Club here: 

Actor/producer Zachary Quinto and Neal Dodson on their production company Before the Door and producing All Is Lost here.

Producer Michael De Luca on producing Captain Phillips and 50 Shades of Gray here.


Surfing in Costa Rica: Riding the wave of life

When you consider how many millions of people love to surf, it's good that there's not just one surfing capital of the world. For some it's the North Shore of Hawaii, the beaches of Australia, the Cape of South Africa, good old Malibu, or the Costa Rican coastline. If you want to learn to surf, choices abound, destinations where you can throw yourself in to the break and be forced to step up your game and master the wave.

For me, that place turned out to be the Costa Rica's Pacific coast: the waters are so warm that you don't even need a wet suit. And there's no shortage of clean waves. If Costa Rica was good enough for the 2009 ISA Billabong World Surfing Games, it was certainly was good enough for a novice like me to try and learn the sport of Hawaii's kings.

There are several famous breaks in Costa Rica, like Playa Hermosa and Jaco. I choose Esterillos Este, the home of long stretches of isolated beaches that are tourist free. Of the two available hotels, I stayed at the Alma Del Pacifico, a gorgeous 20-room boutique establishment.  (Click here to read the rest and see photos)

Reuters 2013: a sampling


Two Australian surf champs + dangerous storm waves + 3D GoPro cameras = the documenatry Storm Surfers 3D. Zorianna has the behind-the-scenes scoop here.

The powerful Blackfish documentary about a captive whale named Tilikum at SeaWorld Orlando is drawing parallels to The Cove. Read Zorianna's article here

Zorianna gets the details on how DreamWorks Animation teamed with IndyCar and other racing sponxors to bring authenticity to the animated snail movie Turbo here.

Gore Verbinski speaks to Zorianna about The Lone Ranger here.

Bridesmaids director Paul Feig takes on his next comedy, The Heat, and talks to Zorianna about championing women in comedic films here.

Zorianna gets the inside scoop on Pixar's first ever prequel with Monsters University here.

Pedro Almodovar gets raunchy and satirical in his latest film, I'm So Excited! here.

Is Julian Assange a victim or a savior? Zorianna speaks with documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, who explores this topic in his new movie, We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks here.

Zorianna sits down with hip hop artist Pitbull to talk about his new animated movie Epic, J-Lo and his myriad of nicknames here.

Star Trek star Zachary Quinto talks to Zorianna about Spock and why coming out was important to him here.

Zorianna speaks to filmmaker Baz Luhrmann about The Great Gatsby, and finds out why the release date was pushed from Dec. 2012 to May 2013 here.

It's a summer of sequels! Zorianna's summer movie preview for Reuters is here.

Colin Firth tells Zorianna about life after Oscar here.

Filmmaker Danny Boyle talks to Zorianna about Trance, the one musical he should have made, the status of his Trainspotting sequel and Russian meteors here:

Kristin Chenoweth tells Zorianna how last summer's accident on the set of The Good Wife was a blessing in disguise here.

Zorianna interviews Twilight author Stephenie Meyer about her new film The Host & her Mormon religion in a feature piece here, and what Meyer's kids think of her success & why she'd never move to Hollywood in a Q&A piece here

Sweet Selina Gomez tells Zorianna about her no-so-sweet role in the wild and crazy Spring Breakers here.

Filmmaker Danny Boyle talks to Zorianna about Trance and dishes on the behind the scenes drama of working on last summer's Olympics opening ceremony here.

Studio Ghibli founder Hiyao Miyazaki's son Goro (From Up on Poppy Hill) tells Zorianna about his rocky relationship with his legendary father here.

James Franco spends some quality time with Zorianna to discuss his new movie Oz, and why Pineapple Express changed the way he views comedy here.

A look at the Journey music documentary Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey and the real life Cinderella story of the band's new lead singer here.

Zorianna talks to Eli Roth about The Last Excorsim Part II here.

Comedian Billy Crystal looks back with Zorianna on his years hosting the Oscars here. 

Zorianna investigates some extreme pre-Oscar beauty treatments from bull testicles to bird droppings here.

A new doc on Jeffrey Dahmer is out in theaters. Zorianna interviews the filmmaker behind The Jeffrey Dahmer Files here. 

Zorianna conducts a Q&A with Steven Soderbergh about Side Effects, his own experience with prescription drugs and his sabbatical plans designing t-shirts here.

Zorianna talks to Dustin Hoffman about opera, aging, his cancelled horse-racing series and making his feature directorial debut at age 75 here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Zorianna about re-entering the movie biz with The Last Stand and modelling this new chapter of his career after his idol, Clint Eastwood here.

Matt Damon talks to Zorianna about his friend Ben Affleck's career trajectory from his tabloid-Gigli-Bennifer days to an A-list filmmaker here.

Golden Globes fashion piece here.

First time filmmaker David France talks to Zorianna about his powerful documentary on the AIDS movement in How To Survive A Plague, here.

Zorianna and Ron Grover's business piece on Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the big screen and whether or not he's still got "it" here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says violence in movies not linked to school shootings here.

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