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Reuters 2013: a sampling


Two Australian surf champs + dangerous storm waves + 3D GoPro cameras = the documenatry Storm Surfers 3D. Zorianna has the behind-the-scenes scoop here.

The powerful Blackfish documentary about a captive whale named Tilikum at SeaWorld Orlando is drawing parallels to The Cove. Read Zorianna's article here

Zorianna gets the details on how DreamWorks Animation teamed with IndyCar and other racing sponxors to bring authenticity to the animated snail movie Turbo here.

Gore Verbinski speaks to Zorianna about The Lone Ranger here.

Bridesmaids director Paul Feig takes on his next comedy, The Heat, and talks to Zorianna about championing women in comedic films here.

Zorianna gets the inside scoop on Pixar's first ever prequel with Monsters University here.

Pedro Almodovar gets raunchy and satirical in his latest film, I'm So Excited! here.

Is Julian Assange a victim or a savior? Zorianna speaks with documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, who explores this topic in his new movie, We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks here.

Zorianna sits down with hip hop artist Pitbull to talk about his new animated movie Epic, J-Lo and his myriad of nicknames here.

Star Trek star Zachary Quinto talks to Zorianna about Spock and why coming out was important to him here.

Zorianna speaks to filmmaker Baz Luhrmann about The Great Gatsby, and finds out why the release date was pushed from Dec. 2012 to May 2013 here.

It's a summer of sequels! Zorianna's summer movie preview for Reuters is here.

Colin Firth tells Zorianna about life after Oscar here.

Filmmaker Danny Boyle talks to Zorianna about Trance, the one musical he should have made, the status of his Trainspotting sequel and Russian meteors here:

Kristin Chenoweth tells Zorianna how last summer's accident on the set of The Good Wife was a blessing in disguise here.

Zorianna interviews Twilight author Stephenie Meyer about her new film The Host & her Mormon religion in a feature piece here, and what Meyer's kids think of her success & why she'd never move to Hollywood in a Q&A piece here

Sweet Selina Gomez tells Zorianna about her no-so-sweet role in the wild and crazy Spring Breakers here.

Filmmaker Danny Boyle talks to Zorianna about Trance and dishes on the behind the scenes drama of working on last summer's Olympics opening ceremony here.

Studio Ghibli founder Hiyao Miyazaki's son Goro (From Up on Poppy Hill) tells Zorianna about his rocky relationship with his legendary father here.

James Franco spends some quality time with Zorianna to discuss his new movie Oz, and why Pineapple Express changed the way he views comedy here.

A look at the Journey music documentary Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey and the real life Cinderella story of the band's new lead singer here.

Zorianna talks to Eli Roth about The Last Excorsim Part II here.

Comedian Billy Crystal looks back with Zorianna on his years hosting the Oscars here. 

Zorianna investigates some extreme pre-Oscar beauty treatments from bull testicles to bird droppings here.

A new doc on Jeffrey Dahmer is out in theaters. Zorianna interviews the filmmaker behind The Jeffrey Dahmer Files here. 

Zorianna conducts a Q&A with Steven Soderbergh about Side Effects, his own experience with prescription drugs and his sabbatical plans designing t-shirts here.

Zorianna talks to Dustin Hoffman about opera, aging, his cancelled horse-racing series and making his feature directorial debut at age 75 here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Zorianna about re-entering the movie biz with The Last Stand and modelling this new chapter of his career after his idol, Clint Eastwood here.

Matt Damon talks to Zorianna about his friend Ben Affleck's career trajectory from his tabloid-Gigli-Bennifer days to an A-list filmmaker here.

Golden Globes fashion piece here.

First time filmmaker David France talks to Zorianna about his powerful documentary on the AIDS movement in How To Survive A Plague, here.

Zorianna and Ron Grover's business piece on Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the big screen and whether or not he's still got "it" here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says violence in movies not linked to school shootings here.

For more articles, please visit 

Reuters: 2012 - a sampling


Zorianna writes profiles and Q&A's about actors and filmmakers, covers award shows, film festivals and other film-related pieces for Thomson Retuers. Reuters is the world's largest multimedia news agency, providing news to 93 countries around the world.

Zorianna and Naomi Watts sit down to talk about her new film, The Impossible, here.

The Hobbit is here! Zorianna talks to Peter Jackson about making the film, including 48fps here. She also chats with Gollum actor Andy Serkis about reprising the role and directing all the second unit footage on The Hobbit here.

Guillermo del Toro talks to Zorianna about his animated feature Rise of the Guardians here.

Keira Knightley sits down with Zorianna to talk about Anna Karenina here.

Bradley Cooper talks to Zorianna about his latest role in Silver Linings Playbook here.

Zorianna has your holiday movie guide here so you can plan your time at the multiplex between now and the end of the year.

Rapper RZA tells Zorianna about his new movie The Man With the Iron Fists and the status of the Wu-Tang Clan here.

Potty-mouthed comedian Sarah Silverman talks to Zorianna about venturing in to the kid-friendly genre here.

Brad Pitt sits down with Zorianna to talk about his latest passion project, the documentary The House I Live In here.

Zorianna talks to Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul about his new movie, Smashed here.

Zorianna profiles Tobey Maguire in his new post-Spider-Man career here. 

Tim Burton and Zorianna sit down and talk about Frankenweenie here.

Zorianna talks to filmmaker David Ayer about his latest cop drama, End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena here

Clint Eastwood on playing "old" in The Trouble With Curve and handing over the directing reigns to someone else for the first time in 20 years here.

Zorianna asks Clint Eastwood on his RNC appearance here.

Is swimming with whale sharks on your bucket list? Zorianna Kit tells you everything you need to know about it here.

Here is Zorianna's fall movie preview for Reuters. 

American Idol-turned movie star Jordin Sparks tells Zorianna about working with Whitney Houston in Sparkle here.

It's a mom-to-mom chat between Jennifer Garner and Zorianna here.

Zach Galifianakis talks to Zorianna about The Campaign, politics and farming here.

Not a sequel, not a prequel. It's a same time-quel. Zorianna's piece on The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner here. 

Zorianna intervews the gang of the new Total Recall film including Colin Farrell here.

Zorianna talks with Taylor Kitsch about his John Carter, Battleship and Savages here.

Seth Rogen goes all dramatic with new movie Take This Waltz here.

Katy Perry chats with Zorianna about her concert film Katy Perry: Part of Me here. 

Zorianna's Q&A with Steven Soderbergh on his latest film, Magic Mike, here.

Zorianna sits down the media-shy Woody Allen in a rare one-on-one interview here.

Steven Soderbergh talks about his upcoming self-imposed sabbatical here.

Zorianna explores the many firsts of Pixar's latest film Brave here.

Zorianna's serious interview with funnyman Steve Carell here.

The filmmakers behind the powerful documentary The Invisible War about rape in the military here.

Singer Mary J. Blige on her new movie Rock of Ages here. 

Andy Samberg charts post-"SNL" career with two films here.

Andy Samberg on why he decided to leave "SNL" here. 

Is the Chernobyl Diaries film disrespectful to the victims of the disaster? Zorianna interviews those on both sides of the fence here.

Jennifer Lopez & Elizabeth Banks of What To Expect When You're Expecting, chat with Zorianna about mommyhood here.

Zorianna's Q&A with The Avengers star Scarlett Johnasson here.

Zorianna's summer movie preview for Reuters here.

Zorianna interviews the legendary - and hilarious - Shirley MacLaine here.

Steve Harvey speaks to Zorianna about his new film, Think Like A Man here.

Q&A with Bully filmmaker Lee Hirsch here.

Zorianna's feature piece on bullying here, with experts and psychologists weighing in.

Q&A with Susan Sarandon on sex, pot and relationships here.

The Olsen twins little sister Elizabeth on life after Martha Marcy May Marlene here.

Boxer Wladimir Klitschko on fighting against nuclear power plants  here.

Oscar fashions here.

The business of gifting suites here.

It's been an incredible year for documentaries at Sundance. Read about them here.

Meet this year's rising star of Sundance, Filly Brown's Gina Rodriguez here.

A Q&A with West Memphis Three's freed prisoner Damien Echols here.

Peter Jackson and West Memphis Three's Damien Echols talk about their new documentary and the startling new revelations in the case here.

For more articles, please visit 

Reuters 2011 - a sampling


Profile on Dragon Tattoo's Rooney Mara here. 

Catching up with The Help's Octavia Spencer here.

Q&A with Michelle Williams on Marilyn, Matilda and musicals here.

David Fincher on his Girl with the Dragon Tattoo here.

Jason Segel on The Muppetts, pupetts and Kermit's full frontal here.

Michelle Williams on portraying Marilyn Monroe in Marilyn and Me here

My Reuters Holiday Movie Preview is here! Your guide to the movies this Thanskgiving/Christmas season with quotes from Kristin Stewart, Jason Segel, David Fincher and Michelle Williams!

Catching up with Mickey Rourke here.

Harold and Kumar are back in a 3D Christmas movie. Here is my interview with Kal Penn and a separate one with John Cho is here. 

Salma Hayek is one cool chick! Here. 

My conversation with Johnny Depp for The Rum Diary here.

My interview with Spock, er, Sylar, I mean, Zachary Quinto here.

Keith Urban talks to me about his new men's cologne and his new baby girl here.

T-Pain on the branding of The T-Pain Effect here.

Anna Faris on orthodontal head-gear and What's Your Number sex scenes here. 

Author Jon Katz on pet grief in his book Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die here.

Taylor Lautner Q&A about Abduction, Breaking Dawn and his abs here.

Taylor Lautner profile here.

Emmy fashion piece here.

The Biggest Loser fitness trainer Bob Harper speaks here.

Tom Hardy, aka that guy from Inception who's now the lead villain in Batman here.

Steven Soderbergh on Contagion here.

The Reuters Fall Movie Preview is here!

The next Hollywood Dynasty is here: Vera and Taissa Farmiga speak here.

Who is the new Conan? Jason Momoa. Read about him here.

Jessica Alba - new movie, new baby here.

Q&A with Captain America's Chris Evans where he discusses not wanting to accept the role, then going in to therapy after agreeing to do it here.

Read all about the incredible shrinking technlogy used in Captain America here.

Tom Hanks takes on recession in Larry Crowne here.

Cars 2 star Eddie Izzard on his political aspirations here.

Real-life Horse Whisperer, Buck Brannaman, on his abusive childhood, his way with horses and Buck, the documentary that chornicles it all. Here.

JJ Abrams on Super 8, Steven Spielberg and Jorge Garcia here.

JJ Abrams on Super 8 here.

Horror king John Carpenter on his 10 year hiatus from movies here.

School shooting at the crux of Beautiful Boy + reader comments here.

Bringing the Judy Moody children's book series to the big screen here.

Newcomer Jessica Chastain on her breakout role in Tree Of Life which precedes the nine (!!!) other films she's got coming out on the horizon here.

Kate Hudson on babies, co-parenting & her new rom-com Something Borrowed here.

Reuters summer 2011 movie preview here.

Amy Poehler on voicing kids movies, Parks & Rec and her blurry life here.

Katherine Schwarzenegger steps out from Arnold's shadow here.

Channing Tatum on The Eagle and starting own production company here.

James Cameron on producing Sanctum, prepping Avatar sequels here.

Natalie Portman on being pregnant, doing comedy No Strings Attached here.

For more articles, please visit

Reuters (2010): Russell Brand takes sobriety to a new level


By Zorianna Kit

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Years ago in London drama school during his heyday of drug use -- an image he once cultivated --  Russell Brand took the title role in a production of "Macbeth."

"I took a big load of amphetamines, drank half a bottle of whiskey and staggered out as Macbeth," the actor and comedian told Reuters. "Before I went on, I tried to get myself in the right mood, so I was smashing stuff up in the back room, cut my hands and tried to make myself puke."

The result?  "It was bloody stupid because I was sick everywhere," said Brand. (Click here to read the entire story)

Some other 2010 Reuters pieces - a sampling:

The Social Network's Armie Hammer aka the Winklevoss twins here.

Gwyneth Paltrow interview here.

Sofia Coppola Q&A here.

Jeff Bridges Q&A here.

Nicole Kidman Q&A here.

Olivia Wilde profile here.

Gwyneth Paltrow & "Glee" here.

Kirsten Dunst Q&A here.

Sally Hawkins interview here.

Chris Pine profile here.

Holiday Movie preview here.

Zach Galifianakis & Robert Downey Jr.'s crazy interview for Due Date here.

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington on his apperance in Saw 3D here.

Actresses take center stage this Oscar season here.

Q&A with The Social Network's Jessie Eisenberg here.

East Indians taking over Hollywood here.

Is celeb's obsession with Twitter starting to wane?

Vanessa Paradis profile here.

Two competing Facebook movies: Social Network vs. Catfish here.

Q&A with filmmaker Eli Roth here.

William Shatner Q&A here.

Zac Efron profile here.

Mily Cyrus and Hannah Montana here.

iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove profile here.

The strange world of Gary Coleman here.

Jordan's Queen Noor here.

Vanessa Redgrave Q&A here.

Larry Birkhead profile here.

Larry Birkhead to auction off Anna Nicole Smith memorabilia here.

The perils of "chexting" here.

Bindi Irwin, daughter of late Croc Hunter Steve Irwin, here.

The business of Swag Suites here.

Sarah Palin at the Oscar gifting suites here.

Kim Cattrall Q&A here.

Too old for Hollywood? Try directing!

Q&A with Pixar's John Lasseter here.

Q&A with Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner here.

Reuters (2009)


Zorianna writes profiles and Q&A's with actors and filmmakers, as well as other film-related pieces for Thomson Retuers. Reuters is the world's largest multimedia news agency, providing news to 93 countries around the world.

Below are some samples of her 2009 work:

Fashion designer-turned filmmaker Tom Ford Q&A here

Bryce Dallas Howard Q&A here.

Amy Poehler and Christina Applegate talk to me about being The Chipettes here.

Q&A with Sarah Ferguson, Duches of York here.

Profile of The Lovely Bones' Saoirse Ronan here.

Precious filmmaker Lee Daniels here.

Holiday/Oscar films preview here.

Inglourious Basterds' Diane Kruger profile here.

Profile on Jeremy Renner from The Hurt Locker here.

Profile on Ashley Tisdale here.

Ashley Tisdale Q&A here.

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke's Q&A here.

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