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Surfing in Costa Rica: Riding the wave of life

When you consider how many millions of people love to surf, it's good that there's not just one surfing capital of the world. For some it's the North Shore of Hawaii, the beaches of Australia, the Cape of South Africa, good old Malibu, or the Costa Rican coastline. If you want to learn to surf, choices abound, destinations where you can throw yourself in to the break and be forced to step up your game and master the wave.

For me, that place turned out to be the Costa Rica's Pacific coast: the waters are so warm that you don't even need a wet suit. And there's no shortage of clean waves. If Costa Rica was good enough for the 2009 ISA Billabong World Surfing Games, it was certainly was good enough for a novice like me to try and learn the sport of Hawaii's kings.

There are several famous breaks in Costa Rica, like Playa Hermosa and Jaco. I choose Esterillos Este, the home of long stretches of isolated beaches that are tourist free. Of the two available hotels, I stayed at the Alma Del Pacifico, a gorgeous 20-room boutique establishment.  (Click here to read the rest and see photos)

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Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte celebrates 35 years - Part 1

Thirty-five years is not a long time in the champagne making business, especially when you look at brands such Moet & Chandon, which was founded in 1743, or Veuve Clicquot, which is 239 years old.

Yet 35 is exactly how old Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte turns this year, making it one of the youngest brands on the market. As the baby of the bunch, it has youth and vitality on its side and quickly established itself as the favored choice among the hip and the cool. Those aspiring to that image joined in and during its short time on the market, Nicolas Feuillatte has risen to become the number one selling brand of champagne in France.

Today, it is one of the best selling brands in the world, taking the number three position behind Moet and Veuve in worldwide sales. In fact, the U.K. is Feuillatte's number one export market, followed by the U.S.

You can bet that U.S. domination is very much on Feuillatte's mind these days, where it sits in 5th position, behind Moet, Veuve, Perrier Jouet and Piper Heidsieck. Refusing to rest on its laurels even as it celebrates its 35th year, the company is already planning anniversary parties in New York and in Los Angeles to be held this fall.

Recently, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte selected a group of 8 journalists from the States, myself included, and flew them to France for the 35th anniversary party at the Maison de l'Architecture in Paris and to visit the company's champagne making winery near Epernay, a town in Champagne region of the French countryside.

Click here to read the rest of the article more and see pictures.

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